Magazine Articles and Internet Publicity

  1. Blessings Magazine 恩福雜誌, Vol. 22 2007 “達爾文進化論可信嗎? Is Darwinian Evolutionism Believable?
  2. “Monitoring Vital Signs: Wireless Medical Sensors”, D.Y.C. Lie, Envision, the Annual Research Magazine of College of Engineering, Texas Tech University, p. 14, Lubbock, Texas (2008)
  3. Fall detection device and video featured Texas Tech’s “Discoveries”, Fall, 2012 in
  4. Featured in Texas Tech's "Today in Texas Tech", Aug. 2012
  5. TTUHSC Pulse Magazine Winter 2012  “Discoveries” on novel fall prevention/detection devices with TTUHSC doctors (pp. 14-18)
  6. Featured in a Texas Instruments (TI) question and answer blog. at the TI E2E™ Community as a result of partnering with TI and made a Fall Detection Device on a research study aimed at the early detection and prevention of falls in elderly people. This device could significantly reduce falls in the geriatric population in the future. Also in
  7. Featured on the EETimes “MEMS project aims to prevent elderly from falling”
  8. Featured in a special interview by the Hospitals & Health Networks Magazine on our fall detection/prevention sensor. H&HN is the flagship publication of the American Hospital Association and the most trusted and credible management publication in the field (started in 1927). 


Editorial Experience

Associate Editor, IEEE Microwave and Wireless Components Letters, 2010-Present (MWCL; impact factor 2.236 to 2.7, acceptance rate 18-30%)

Associate Editor-in-Chief,  Open Journal of Applied Biosensor (OJAB), Scientific Research Publishing Inc., 2012-present

Guest Editor, Biosensors, Special Issue "Latest Wearable Biosensors" (ISSN 2079-6374; MDPI) July, 2016

Guest Editor, Special Issue of IEEE RFIC Symp. 2016, IEEE Transaction on Microwave Theory and Techiques, 2017

Special Topic Editor, IEEE Microwave and Wireless Components Letters (MWCL) in June 2012

Guest Editor, IEEE Journal of Solid-State Circuits (JSSC), Sept. 2009

Lead Guest Editor, International Journal “Active and Passive Electronic Components”, Hindawi Publishing, 2010-2011,

Area Editor-in-Chief for International Journal on Wireless and Optical Communications, 2001-present

Editorial Board Member,  Open Journal of Applied Biosensor (OJAB), 2010-2012

Editorial Board Member,  i-manager’s Journal on Electrical Engineering, 2009-present

International Interdisciplinary Advisory and Editorial Board (IIAEB), International Journal of Interdisciplinary Research and Innovation (IJIRI), Research Publish Journals, 2014-Present



PhD Students Wanted !!

Professor Lie's group is now looking for highly motivated, honest and skilled PhD students interested in radio-frequency integrated circuits (RF IC) and system design and testing to join our 5G RF & millimeter-wave (mmWave) IC Design Team !

Mr. Travis Hall's thesis has been awarded with TTU's First Place Master's Thesis Winner for 2016 in the category of Math, Physical Sciences, and Engineering

Dr. Lie is at San Francisco, CA for the IEEE International Microwave Symposium Week (IMS2016 Week) and he is serving as the Chair of IEEE RFIC Symp

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